Solution Benefits

Wideye proposes the safest rides with seamlessly integrated sensors.

We bring the only reliable glass integration solutions to a system level offering and save our customers the worry to define component specifications. Custom-made, our products are market ready with mass production capacities.


We bring LiDAR systems in autonomous landscape to automotive requirements, including the management of safety, and seamless design.


We use our infrared transparent glass solutions. We combine it with our Wideye team unique expertise, and we use our large ecosystem, to help you design, prototype and industrialize the perfect integration solutions for your sensor modules. We are more than a supplier, we are a real partner for your project success.

To whom

We address our services & products to LiDAR suppliers, automotive tier 1’s and OEM’s. We usually talk with car body designers to provide seamless design and ADAS/AV system architects as well, to ensure safer sensor perception.


Using our glass, we achieve a transmission level of 92% or more. By using a single side AR coating, there is a direct impact on range and precision of the sensor.

The coating can be optimized to the specific use case, LiDAR wavelength or incident angle.

Of course, we know that for application on transparent glass substrates, such as windshield, a neutral color is highly important.

Render comparison

Standard product vs Wideye

Comparative between a standard product vs Wideye innovative product