About Wideye

Glass solutions for 360° sensor integration, for safe autonomous drive

Thanks to our Agile mindset, impossible is not Wideye.

We strive to make mobility safer by designing/co-developing stylish and reliable 360° seamless automotive integration solutions for the new generation of autonomous sensor technology. Wideye team members are Leading Pioneers in this new autonomous vehicle industry.

The wideye history


AGC launches Wideye


AGC Wideye & DIBOTICS validate integrated LiDAR concept using Wideye glass solution for XYT Pixel


  • First public showcase of Windshield integration at CES 2018
  • Development of autograde LiDAR cover for several Tier 1 and LiDAR suppliers
  • With XenomatiX, Wideye develop custom-build LiDAR module integrated behind 2nd generation Wideye windshield


  • Ouster LiDAR demo with Wideye windshield integration at CES 2019
  • Live demo’s with Velarray and Wideye windshield technology


  • Windshield and front grill integration development with Cepton, showcase at CES 2020
  • Olli 2.0 autonomous shuttle is launched, featuring 4 LiDAR units, seamlessly integrated behind Wideye carset
  • Design, development and prototyping of curved glass trims for OEM market
  • Ready for mass production of LiDAR functional sensor screens products for the OEM market


More to come...

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