Announcement | 10.01.2024

2023, a year of success for Wideye

2023, a year of success for Wideye

Since its launch in 2016, Wideye has focused on enabling the deployment of ADAS and making fully autonomous vehicles a reality. As part of the AGC Glass Group, a leader in the production of glass for the construction and automotive industries, Wideye has developed extensive expertise in the integration of optical sensors. The patented glass offered by Wideye has a unique composition: transparent to the near infrared, with high optical quality enabling high sensor precision and resolution by meeting both LiDAR and camera requirements.

With the emergence of autonomous cars to make our roads safer and more secure, the rise of on-board sensors is inevitable . High performance, reliable and seamless sensor integration solutions are becoming mandatory. This is the challenge Wideye has set : to be the eyes of the car. The first success was achieved in 2021.  Wideye received confirmation that its innovative products meet market demand in the form of a first nomination for a functional sensor cover used for grill/bumper/fender location. In 2022, Wideye received two awards from car manufacturers for a new segment: the integration of LiDAR in the roof using a glass cover, in line with the trend to place sensors in higher positions on the car. These glass modules offer new perspectives to designers, who can now imagine curved glass shapes to match the body lines of the vehicles. Developing these trims to add value for our customers was the second step in Wideye’s strategy for which it was awarded. 2023 marks a new step forward, with a nomination for two new roof businesses and, a ‘première’: an integration behind the B-pillar for facial recognition. Autumn 2023 also witnessed the first Wideye program going into mass production. At the Roccasecca plant (Italy), Run at Rate has been validated by the OEM, and the first mass production parts have already left the plant to soon equip a top-of-the-range electric SUV from a major European manufacturer.

In addition to the awarded volume production programs, Wideye has several projects for optical sensor cover, roof and windshield integration in advanced development and B-sample phases with major Tier1 and OEM customers.

“Wideye’s strategic path has been confirmed today, with various business awards collected over the last few years related to our different product segments, and it’s a good sign to see that all the efforts invested in Wideye’s development over the last few years are now being translated into mass volume business. I’m very proud of the work of all our teams, which is now helping to confirm Wideye as a pioneering premium brand in glass sensor integration and its ability to secure global leadership” said Gaetan Friart, CEO of Wideye.